Balancing on Rocks

Become a calm, confident Parent..

  • Connection - Using brain-science based and heart-led parenting

  • Confidence - build yours and theirs through encouragement

  • Competence - learn new skills that will develop autonomous, happy kids

Stop the chaos and yelling, and create a peaceful family life. 

  • Fed up of yelling and shouting at your kids?

  • Want to stop the tantrums, hitting and biting?

  • Fed up with nagging and repeating yourself ?

  • Wonder why they JUST WON'T LISTEN? 

I’m Laura, a parenting coach, with 3 kids aged from 7 to 12 years. When they were little, I discovered that I wanted to parent differently. It worked fine for a while - we responded to our baby's needs and muddled through. 

But then the tantrums started, and I didn't know how to handle them. 

That was the start of the journey. I discovered Positive Discipline through my children's school (more about that below), then went on to research attachment theory and developments in brain science, amongst other topics. 

I have spent the last 5 years working with parents like you - who want an easy way to change their parenting style. 

I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt with families.  I help families like yours to parent their way, with confidence.

If you want to build respectful relationships, based on co-operation, communication and contribution, you're in the right place. 


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Group workshops are held in person and online. All individual parenting coaching is online, to make it easier for you to fit into your busy schedule. 

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When children are allowed to help make family decisions, they tend to be much more supportive and happier with family life. Also when allowed to help make rules, they will follow them much closer than if rules are forced on them. All these add up to a happier home for all.