Who I am and what I do

Hi, I'm Laura, Mum of 3 and a Positive Discipline Parent and Early Childhood and Classroom Educator Classroom Educator. I provide group workshops and individual courses to help families, schools, companies, and other organisations. 

  • One-on-one support, as a Parenting Coach, for busy families who want to become 'unstuck' with specific issues

  • Group workshops, online and in the Paris area, that dive-deep into 'Positive Discipline'

  • 'Lunch and Learn' workshops in the workplace

  • Support to teachers who want to implement 'Positive Discipline' in their classrooms

What is Positive Discipline? 

Positive Discipline is a tool that was originally designed to help children become autonomous, respectful and responsible. It turns out that these are useful skills for adults too. So now Positive Discipline is taught not only in school and family settings, but also in the workplace, in sports teams, and even as a couples course. 

Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott, authors of many Positive Discipline books, began collaborating in 1988, and their method is based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs.

I came across Positive Discipline in 2013, thanks to my children's school, and in 2016 joined a parenting workshop. I signed up for further training, and I haven't looked back!

There are two main reasons why I think Positive Discipline is different to other parenting books and tools.


1. It's interactive. Positive Discipline workshops invite us to role-play, which really helped me to understand how I as a child, and therefore my children, felt in any given situation. This wasn't just about what I thought. I also had to look at how I felt, and what I wanted to do in any given situation. In our workshops, we take time to listen, laugh, cry and search for solutions together. 


2. Positive Discipline explores the belief behind the behaviour. We are not simply looking to modify our child's behaviour. We try to understand their private logic, and what might make them choose to do the same thing, time and time again. When we can look at their need, and meet it in an appropriate way, we will see long term change in their behaviour. And then we can all move forward together.

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