Individual Coaching and Consulting

If you're a busy parent who is looking for guidance on their parenting journey, you've come to the right place.


I offer potential clients a free 30 minute discovery session - we get an opportunity to know a little bit about each other and you will explain your needs. One thing for us to work out together is what exactly you're looking for.

As a parenting consultant, I am here to share tools and wisdom with you, based on my experience, training and reading - in Positive Discipline, in Adlerian psychology, in positive parenting, as well as my experience both as a mum and with the families I have worked with.   

As a coach, I partner with you in your success, as I believe you have all the resources in you to work out your right path. You choose the topic for our sessions together, and my role is to be a sounding board, to listen, provide accountability, and support you. 

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Package 1: Parenting Consultation

2 1/2 hours, over 3 sessions, to deal with your one specific issue. Typical issues I can support you with are

  • Hitting/biting 

  • angry outbursts, aggressiveness and tantrums

  • Sibling rivalry

  • child won't do what they're asked

  • bedtime battles

  • Managing transitions/setting boundaries

Cost: 200€

Package 2: Parent Coaching

5 hours, over 5 sessions, to put in place a new parenting style and anchor concrete tools in sound theory and research. Typical issues we may work on include:

  • boosting my child's confidence

  • Stop yelling, and start succeeding!

  • Self-motivation and encouragement 

  • Building a Positive Discipline home 

  • Problem solving and family meetings 

Cost: 350€